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Patients' lives have been changed

"I've known Dr. Susan for over 6 years.  In that time she has provided me with consistently exceptional healthcare.  Her approach and techniques uncovers the underlying cause of problems - many times undiagnosed by traditional medical practice.  I've been amazed at how easily and quickly she has understood what others seem to miss.  If I didn't see the science and logic behind the approach she uses, I'd almost say it was magic!  I recommend everyone see Dr. Kelenyi, both for on-going health maintenance as well as more acute situations.

     – Kathy N.

"Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that by coming to you for neck pain, which I had suffered from for years, would I have thought my neck pain, could be caused by anything other than my neck. After my initial exam and the thoroughness of the questions asked and exam techniques used and then finally a report of what was going on:  I was blown away at what the conclusion was!

Not only has my neck pain been dramatically reduced.  But my life long battles with my poor energy levels, weight and my overall health have never been this balanced.  I can't thank you enough for your time, consideration and knowledge that you displayed with me.  I would recommend you to anyone for any and all health ailments that people suffer."

– Christine P.  

     Dr's Note: In Chris's case her neck was no doubt a problem.   However, the 7 th cervical vertebra was the biggest structural instability found.  The C7 nerve has a close relationship with the thyroid as does the supraspinatus muscles all of which showed significant impairment. 

A combination of applied kinesiology-chiropractic & nutritional therapy revealed that Jane's long standing neck, lack of energy & battles with weight all traced back to a problem with her thyroid not a primary problem with her neck as previous physicians and therapists had though.

"I would like to extend to you my appreciation for the care you have given me over the past number of years.  I originally came to you when I was in my late forties with what was popularly called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Through your skill in kinesiology techniques, my system returned to normal and since then, as various other symptoms emerged, you have been able to either reduce their effects or eliminate them.

Several years ago you suggested that I be checked for prostrate cancer, as there was an indication of a problem in that region.  As nothing had showed up during my annual physical with my medical doctor, I requested that he perform some additional tests.  After a biopsy, the cancer became evident.  I was treated with radiation at the hospital for several months and simultaneously treated by you with your natural healthcare protocols. As a result, the cancer has been totally eradicated with virtually no side effects.  I still get checked each year and my PSA reading has stayed well below normal.

Since that time and as more and more information has been published regarding inflammation, the immune system, free radicals and a whole host of other findings in health and longevity, I know I will benefit from your continuing study of these topics as you have always been on the leading edge of advanced natural healthcare."

– William P.

"Dr. Susan's knowledge and passion for healing is remarkable.  She is a walking encyclopedia about the various nutritional supplements and has a magic touch with the new chiropractic tools she uses in her practice. I am honored and grateful to be working with such a wonderful healer ever since we began working together over a year ago.  Since that time, my immune system has improved considerably.  I no longer catch every cold and sinus infection from the little ones (I am a teacher!) My creaking joints and subtle pains of aging have all diminished. After each appointment, I walk out feeling stronger, more confident and ready to face the on-going trials and triumphs of my life journey."

– Lynn M.

"I wanted to thank you for your help with my son Jason.  I would never had known that you would be able to help my son with his acid reflux, pain while swallowing and the odor in his breath. I didn't realize that all of these problems are related to one another until you had examined him and found that he had a weakness in his diaphragm and to little acid in his stomach.   

I find it fascinating that simple exercises to strengthen his diaphragm and taking a zinc supplement would help fix these problems.  Before taking my son to see you I was under the impression that my son had too much acid in his stomach and would be dependant on medication to help lower the acid levels. Thank you so much for helping my son we really learned a lot about health and how sophisticated the human body really is."

– Stephanie

     Dr's Note: The signs and symptoms of too little and too much acid in the stomach are almost the same.  Most people suffer from too little acid in the stomach rather than excess acid.

In this case this young man was suffering from pain upon swallowing due to a weakness in his diaphragm.  The weakness was associated with low acidity levels in the stomach due to a low level of zinc in his diet.  

The biggest clue that it was a deficiency in zinc was the sign of halitosis or bad breath.  In order for the stomach to produce the hydrochloric acid it needs for digestion it needs to have zinc present as a necessary enzyme.  

The body's low acid level then causes a weakness to occur in the diaphragm which allows what acid is in the stomach to reflux its way up the esophagus.  

"I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Ideal program. I lost 20 pounds and dropped my body fat 12% in less than three months. I was really impressed by being able to maintain the loss over the next year. The program is simple to follow and provides for muscle gain as well as fat loss without having to endure physical stress in a gym. I was also impressed by the improvement in my energy level. I have also learned that this program is helping me to slow the aging process and build my immune system. I have shared these wonderful products with my mother and friends who have also had great results."

– Darlene V.

"I have tried many of weight loss programs over the years with minimal results. I would see some weight loss with many of them and that's great if I was only looking to lose 10 pounds. But for those of us who have a few more pounds and need something that is more long term, Ideal Protein has been a gift from God. I feel great, have no cravings, and lost inches faster than you can imagine. I have a hard time imagining myself ever going off of this program. Even after I achieve my goal weight I will continue using many of the foods as a healthy source of protein. They make great snacks. This is the best program ever because I have proven results."

– JoAnn A.

"The Ideal program is easy to follow and has helped me burn fat and positively impacted my BMI and overall health. I recommend Ideal to my friends who struggle with obesity, blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol problems and have enjoyed seeing their results."

– Joyce J.

"So I've tried almost all of the diets out there, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri System, Atkins, etc. Each time I had success, but it was difficult to stick it out for the long haul, and never really achieved my desired weight.
     So recently, my doctor started offering the Ideal Protein Diet through her clinic. After attending the orientation I gave it a try. Now after three weeks, I'm down 15 pounds, haven't been hungry (after the first couple of days), haven't had cravings nor do I feel weak. So how does it work? This diet was introduced in the US in February of 2008, but has been available in Canada for 10 years and in Europe for 20 years. It was developed by a French doctor, Dr Tran Tien, Chanh, initially intended for French Olympic athletes, allowing them to drop weight quickly without decreasing muscle mass or athletic performance.
     The Ideal Protein Diet is offered through doctors or clinics, where you will be monitored weekly. The food you eat consists mainly of protein diet products offered by the company through the doctor. These products consist of shakes, drinks, soups, puddings, protein bars, and other items such as chili, stew, omelets, oatmeal, pancakes and more. On the diet you get two meals plus one snack per day of these protein products, along with salad and select vegetables, and one meal a day you fix on your own, consisting of a lean protein and vegetables.
      You get all of the carbohydrates you need through the vegetables you eat each day, but not any more than you need. Therefore instead of burning carbohydrates and sugar, your body is burning fat. Since the body burns protein along with fat, you need to make sure you are getting a sufficient amount of protein to handle this without causing muscle loss. That's what their products provide, sufficient protein (not high protein) that your body easily absorbs."

– Mary Anne K.

"Thanks to your team, the product, and the results. Tomorrow night I am going to a singles dining out get together for an event titled "Calling all the Sexy Diners". I am going because I am. Thank you for getting me to the point where I can say that."

– Greg M.

"Ideal has made such a difference in my life. I have had Type 2 Diabetes for some time. Because of Ideal, I have lost weight, lowered my blood sugars and discontinued my oral hypoglycemics. The best part is I had a sugar addiction but now I'm eating healthy and taking a proactive role in my future. Thank you for urging me to give Ideal a try. I know I went kicking and screaming but you have made a difference in my life as well as my family."

– Bob R.

"Prior to Ideal I never made time for eating right in my day. I used to hit the fast food chains on a daily basis. But with Ideal I am able to have wonderful quick meals without feeling that I was missing out. Now I've rediscovered my love for cooking. The Ideal program is easy. I found myself craving vegetables and doing more exercise than I ever had in the past. I have now kept the weight off and I have confidence in the choices that I make each and every day."

– Jean S.

"The Ideal Protein Plan works wonderful. Words cannot describe the life change that has occurred. First and foremost it worked because of the wonderful people involved; the encouragement, instruction, and emotional participation each time I visited was a key motivation. I never felt alone in my efforts and everyone was quick to answer questions. The atmosphere was very casual yet discrete and personal. I found the plan itself to be challenging but never uncomfortable. It was as though my body acted normally; I got hungry when it was time to eat and very rarely had cravings that were uncontrollable. From the very beginning of the program my 2pm after lunch fatigue went away and when my coworkers are dragging I am having urges to do anything to move around. My mental clarity and emotional outlook has improved. A coworker recently complimented me (aside from how well I look) that I seemed more calm and less intense. Today, I actually thought with hopeful expectation about my retirement years (about 20 years away) as a senior citizen with a very active life style instead of aches, pains, and medications.
      My goal in the Ideal Protein Plan was to lose 32 pounds to a weight of 135 and to normalize my blood work. I started the program on February 6, 2010 weighing 167.6 pounds; on February 9, 2008 my cholesterol was 241 (both my HDL and LDL were outside of normal), my triglycerides were 385 (something I had accepted as hereditary in my family). I went into Phase 4 "Stabilization" on April 23, 2010 (approximately 12 weeks) weighing 130.8 pounds (a loss of 36.8 pounds) and a loss of 12.75 inches overall, most in my waist (my pant size went from a 36 to a 32 with room to spare); on April 28, 2010 my cholesterol was 141 (lowered by 100 points) both my HDL were either normal or approaching normal, my triglycerides were a 133 (lowered by 252 points). I never thought I would see these numbers this low again; since my family has been told that triglyceride issues are hereditary in my family."

– Evan W.

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