Peripheral Neuropathy Rehab Therapy

...for the treatment of chronic pain

Doctors and clinics all over the world are recommending the Peripheral Neuropathy Rehab System — fast, safe, effective, proven!

Peripheral Neuropathy Rehab System —94% effective for the treatment of the chronic pain of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy Rehab System—is a proven and doctor recommended, electronic, peripheral neuropathy treatment, and the therapy is medication-free pain relief.

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy Rehab Therapy?

The therapy is a proven and doctor recommended electronic pain treatment. The it is fully registered with the FDA under the 510K system for the treatment of chronic pain.

It consists of a small, hand held, battery powered stimulator that sends a comfortable electronic pulse/signal to your feet and legs that can get your nerves functioning again.

You can think of it like a heart pacemaker that restores and improves heart function: the therapy restores, stabilizes, and rebuilds the nerves in your extremities. It also increases blood supply to your calf muscles.

Before each impulse is sent, the equipment analyzes the waveform of your nerves, determines any abnormalities, creates the unique waveform of the healing signal necessary, administers that signal to both feet simultaneously, and then re-evaluates the result.

This process happens 7.83 times every second. Each successive signal is constantly being adjusted to conform to what your peripheral nerves need in real time.

Peripheral Neuropathy Rehab Therapy — can also treat the painful symptoms of arthritis, MS, and other forms of chronic pain.

Peripheral Neuropathy Rehab Therapy — is the solution for all types of neuropathy and chronic pain.

Peripheral Neuropathy Rehab Therapy — helps to Eliminate:

  • Edema (swollen feet)

  • Cold Feet

  • Burning Pain Sensation of walking on broken glass

  • Shooting Pains Balance Problems

  • Tingling Need for Pain Medications

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