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The Optimal Health & Wellness Center, chooses n ot to participate in the insurance process and therefore, respectfully, we do not provide any itemized bills.  From our first day we chose to focus on what is best for our patients, not on adhering to insurance industry contractual rules that would dictate how we should or should not treat a patient


Medicare is an excellent example of this as it totally disregards our training and stature as licensed physicians. Medicare only covers specific, hands-on, chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT) treatment to the neck, thoracic, lumbar and sacral joints. It will not pay for examinations or x-rays when performed by a  licensed Chiropractic Physician.  And it rejects,claims filed by Chiropractic Physicians with charges for examinations or x-rays with the statement: "Not Medically Necessary".    

Medicare supplemental insurances see the phrase, “Not Medically Necessary”, and deem any charges so tagged as to not be included in their plan.   

We thoroughly examine all of our patients using orthopedic, neurological, x-ray and laboratory tests as appropriate for each individual patient and health issue.  We believe it is simply foolishness, if not dangerous, to offer assistance to a patient until the exact health need and diagnosis is established.  This is the standard of care in the health industry.   

Navigating the insurance maze is time consuming, expensive and frustrating for participating doctors.  For example, this October the industry is converting from a 17,000 code set (ICD-9-CM) for health diagnoses to a 47,000 code set (ICD-10-CM).  Tens of thousands of doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics across the country are scrambling to adapt to this new coding system. 

Because of the insurance industry’s demands and continually lower reimbursements, the majority of insurance based doctors are now spending an average of 7 minutes with each patient.  More and more people are objecting to being treated like a piece of machinery on an assembly line.   

The Optimal Health & Wellness Center is a boutique practice where the patient and not the insurance industry comes first.  We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality all natural care.  We are not interested in seeing your needs sacrificed to the demands of a machine or a corporation’s stock holders. 

Types of payment accepted:
We offer several methods of payment for your chiropractic care at our office. You may choose the plan which best fits your needs. Please read over the options carefully and choose the plan you prefer. This information enables us to better serve you. Our main concern is your health and well-being.

• Cash
• Credit 
(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Flexible Spending Accounts)
• CareCredit, AdvancedCare Card

A. Cash (includes checks)
• Payment in full is expected at the time services are rendered.

Credit Card Logos
B. Major Credit Cards are accepted (MasterCard, Visa or Discover)
• Payment in full is expected at the time services are rendered.

C. Care Credit

Care Credit is a convenient payment plan for those who need to spread the cost of treatment over time. And with care credit:

• There are very flexible financing options
• A credit decision usually only takes a few minutes
• There are NO annual fees or prepayment penalties
• Pre-payment plan participation is required
• You can make monthly payments as low as 3% of the outstanding balance
• Three, six and 12 month no-interest plans are available for those who qualify
• 9.9% interest is charged on extended payment plans of 24 to 60 months
• Consult at our front desk for full details

D. Advance Care Card

Advance Care Card is a convenient payment plan for those who need to spread the cost of treatment over time. And with Advance Care Card:
• Approved applicants may receive 6 or 14 months interest free.
• Competitive interest rates after initial period.
• A very affordable option for anyone requiring financing.
• Application process is simple and offers quick decisions
• You can schedule your appointment with Dr. Kelenyi as soon as you're approved.
• There are no prepayment penalties and no punitive late fees.

E. Out-of-network insurance coverage
We honor the fact that you work hard and pay dearly for your insurance, and we are more than happy to provide you with a receipt including any codes you may use to submit to your insurance company on your own. However, please understand that if you are entitled to any reimbursement under your individual policy it will be considered out of network and will come from your insurer directly to you. As a courtesy, we would be happy to call on your behalf to find out any out-of-network insurance coverage you may have.

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