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A Medically Developed - Ketogenic Weight Loss & Management Protocol

 The Ideal Protein Protocol consist of a 4 Phases to weight loss success. It is a simple & easy ketogenic program, medically developed and based on validated science for safe weight loss. It features one-on-one coaching and a healthier lifestyle education in each phase of the journey. The Ideal Protein Protocol is overseen by  a licensed healthcare practitioner & the coaches. Yet it is much more than just losing weight. The Ideal Protein Protocol is about getting your life back and feeling good about being you again.


Our weight loss protocol is geared towards those who want to reach and maintain improved well being by primarily reducing body fat and supporting muscle mass.

 If you’re tired of bouncing from one fad diet to another and frustrated with results that don’t last…contact us today to register for one of our weight loss information sessions and ask about stable weight maintenance and the path to balanced eating.

 Dieting Shouldn’t go on Forever

Ideal Protein is much more than losing weight. It’s about how to lose it and keep it off. Our protocol offers dieters what they really want…a structure plan that can put an end to yo-yo dieting.

  • Phases 1 & 2 focus on weight loss, until 100% of your goal is met;
  • Phases 3 & 4 concentrates on increasing your knowledge of better lifestyle choices and smarter eating habits so you are better able to sustain a stable, balanced weight after dieting.

Why 4 phases? Why not stop after weight loss? Anyone can lose weight…learning how you can maintain a stable weight should be your ultimate goal. To achieve your weight loss goals and maintain the results, a weight loss program must empower dieters with the knowledge to develop balanced eating habits and smarter, sustainable lifestyle choices. This is the Ideal Protein difference. 

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